School Year and Summer Short-Term Programs


Welcome to the T.S.B.V.I. Short-Term Programs Application Site. If you are new to this site, please read the information below and take some time to look through the Walkthrough document that is available for download.

This site is intended to be used by V.I. teachers to submit referrals and applications for their student(s) to attend a school year or Summer Short-Term Program at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

If you are a parent looking to have your son or daughter attend one of our programs, please contact your child's district V.I. teacher. If you do not have a V.I. teacher in your district, please send an email to our principal Merritts@tsbvi.edu

Site Update (Updated 11/21/16)

We are very excited to present a new look and accessiblity upgrade for this site. Instead of a "Student" page that you need to navigate to, we now have drop down menus in the main navigation links. You will also notice that some of our pages look slightly different, but the information should be organized in the same way as before. If you have any questions please contact stpreferrals@tsbvi.edu for School Year requests, or summer-programs@tsbvi.edu for questions regarding Summer Programs.

NEW WALKTHROUGH WIKI (Updated 1/10/16)

For general help, please go to our application help wiki  opens in new window


School Year Short-Term Programs are only for students functioning on or close to grade level.
Learn more about the School Year Short-Term programs or to see a calendar of classes

You will not have access to your student’s application until he or she has been officially accepted to at least one class during that school year. The referral form is used as the first step in applying for a school-year class (described in the website above).


Summer Short-Term Programs are available to school-age students who are learning in Life Skills through Academic programs. Applications must be submitted between the first week of January and February 14 of each school year. After February 14, the site will be closed.
Learn more about Summer programs or to see a calendar of classes.

After reading about the summer classes, you can apply by logging in at the top right corner of this page. If you do not yet have a TVI account (from an earlier year), you should “Register” in the top right corner of this page before logging in. Logging in will return you to this page, and you can then select “Student” to begin filling out an application for your student.